Rétractation / Garantie

Distinguish: Withdrawal (Return Request) or Warranty Request (After-Sales Service)

It is simple but important to identify the desired reason for the return, so that you can follow the correct procedure.


Withdrawal (or request for return) is possible within 14 days following receipt of your order. Beyond that, the sale is considered final. The product must not have been worn, assembled or used. (See Article 8 of our General Terms and Conditions)

The product warranty claim can be used once the product has been assembled and/or used. (See Article 10 of our General Terms and Conditions)


Some examples :

- You receive a starter relay, and during assembly you notice that it does not work = Warranty Request

- You are mistaken in purchasing a Radiator for Yamaha R1 2007, when your model is a 2017 = Withdrawal

- You have purchased a fuel pump, and it breaks down 10 days after receiving it and having traveled 500 km = Guarantee Request (Although we are still within the legal withdrawal period, this is no longer possible, as the product has been used. A warranty claim must therefore be made)

- You purchased a regulator 3 months ago and have not used it and wish to have it refunded = Withdrawal (the 14-day deadline having passed, withdrawal is no longer possible)

- You purchased and fitted an ignition stator 5 days ago, but you notice that after replacement, your motorcycle is still broken and that the problem comes from elsewhere = Withdrawal (Although we are still in the period of 14 days, the fact of having assembled and used the product makes withdrawal impossible)


Please note: Our Customer Service reserves the right to refuse the return if it does not fall within the framework of a warranty request or a withdrawal.​